Most Efficient Carpet Stain Removal Ideas

Carpets have been used for centuries to cover and protect wooden floors, especially around the high traffic areas. Beautiful, fluffy and cosy, carpets are a great addition to the comfort of your home, but one of their main downsides is that they require regular maintenance. Carpet cleaning is paramount, as dust mites, mold and bacteria tend to gather deep inside the carpet fibers and trigger severe respiratory conditions, or worsen the already existing ones. Here are some great carpet stain removal ideas that you can all use: 

1. Remove Water-Soluble Stains With Non-Bleach Detergent

Non-bleach detergent is your best friend when you try to remove a stubborn stain that simply won’t come out, no matter if you are trying to remove it from a synthetic carpet or from your clothes. Mixing a quarter teaspoon or white vinegar with 32 ounces of water is the perfect removal solution for stains caused by wet paint, mud, milk, jelly, washable ink, cola, berries, alcoholic beverages and virtually any other water soluble liquid.

2. Remove Dirt And Mud With A Damp Cloth And Detergent

Dirt and mud stains are very common, and one of the biggest mistakes people tend to do is that they rush to clean the stain directly, without vacuuming the dry mud first, and this is when the disaster happens. It is important to firstly vacuum all the dry dirt and to remove as much of it as possible, as otherwise you risk to expand the stain instead of cleaning it. Only after it has been vacuumed you can move on to dampening a piece of white cloth, then dipping it into an efficient detergent solution and then you can dab repeatedly. Allow the solution to act for 15 minutes and then clean everything with a piece of dry, white cloth. 

3. Remove Fat, Wax And Oil With A Paper Towel And An Iron 

This is another old yet highly efficient trick – if you have accidentally stained your carpets with grease or candle wax, then all you have to do is to carefully place either a paper towel or a piece of newspaper over the stain and then carefully iron it. The heat will make all the grease or wax come up off the carpet, and it will be absorbed by the paper.

4. Remove Sauces With Solvent

Mayonnaise and gravy stains are particularly difficult to remove with water and soap, this is why you need to use some solvent. Apply a small amount of it to a white cloth and then apply the cloth on the stain for 15 minutes. Only after that you can start to blot it with another piece o white cloth that was previously soaked in lukewarm water.

5. Opt For The Services Of A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

If you have severely stained your carpets and you have tried all the tricks available and none of them worked, then perhaps it is time to use the services of a professional company that specialises in carpet cleaning in Wellington. These are certified professionals who use efficient, safe cleaning materials and advanced cleaning equipment to remove carpet stains quickly and permanently.